The one skill you need, to understand your customer: Listening


Listening, the skill which we all are ignoring.

Have you ever thought about this skill? Or have you ever tried figuring out whether you are a good listener or not?

If not, then it’s right time for you should start thinking on it! he is my own example on why good listening is important.

Recently, I was with my friend and he was sharing a good business idea with me. I was trying to grab as much as I can but at the same time my mind was also thinking about some personal issues which distracted me a lot. At the end I was like, what, what did you say?

Can you imagine how was his feeling? He was sharing a good business idea and I was not listening to him with focus which made him get frustrated on me. This was the time when I realized that this bad habit might cost me my job in future. Everyone might have faced such type of situation in life, right? But we don’t focus on such incidents and these small mistakes can change your life.

The day I started improving my listening skills, I have seen a lot of change in my focus towards work and it has helped me a lot in my sales goals.

How good listening skill helpful in sales?

Listening skill is important for every kind of work, but for the sales, listening skill plays a vital role in dealing with prospects and existing customers.

As a salesperson, it is our duty to provide the best solution to our customers. But how will we be able to provide them the best solution until and unless we know what their actual requirements are.

As a salesperson, You understood this point very well, right?

But there are few practices which are helpful to improve listening skill and understand customers perfectly.

  1. Forget everything, Focus only on customer: Forget who you are, where are you, who is in front of you forget everything and focus only on the customer. If you are discussing with a customer on a call, try to sit in calm and peaceful location.
  2. Right down every important points: Noting down every important point, why? Because it will help you in building more focus on your customer’s talk. In case if you miss anything in between, then you can ask again and be assured that it’s a very good thing as far as your listening skills are concerned.
  3. Discuss with customer in-between: Yes, discuss with your customer means discuss every single point which he is trying to discuss with you and show him you are listening to him and you have the best solution about their needs. But yes, don’t interrupt between his talk. First, let him finish his point and then start raise your points. This will help to build a good client and seller relation.
  4. Feedback at last: The final step is to give customer feedback by confirming that you understand their need very well and provide them the best solution.

These practices will help every salesperson to build a better relationship with their customers and close more deals and yes, Customer will never forget your salesmanship and your solutions if you follow these practices.

Better Listening, Better Sales