Sales: Focus on the solution, not on a product.


Are you interested in purchasing a product or interested in solving your problems? Obviously, the answer will be a solution, right?

Humans have tendency of finding a solution to their problems. It can be related to their personal life as well as business. But, they are in a race of finding a solution. A way to tackle their problems.

Every business starts by finding solutions to people’s problems. It starts by identifying the problems and finding out a solution for those problems. Same is for the sales. Unless and until the sales team does not identify the problems and pain points of their prospects, they will never be successful in selling their products.

Here are 3 best practices in sales to find a prospect’s problem and solution

  1. Go for deep research: Before you pitch any solution to your prospect, it is necessary for you as a sales reps to have a deep research on what are the problems of your prospect, pain points, their requirements, their budget, etc. You know this will help you in the long run with the prospect.
  2. Focus on problem and solution: Go for a short brainstorming whether the product that you are offering solves all the problems of your prospect? If yes, then pitch accordingly. If no, then find what features of your product can reduce the problems a bit and pitch accordingly.
  3. Be honest with your prospect: In case, there is no way, your product can solve the problems of your prospect, then be open and fully clear with your prospect. There will be a chance, where you can suggest the best solution for the problems they are facing away from your product. This builds up a good connection with your prospect and at the same time builds credibility for the organization. There are chances that they might end up suggesting your product to someone else.

In sales, “It’s not your product which is sold, it is the solution purchased by your prospect in the form of a product.