Can Sales Tools replace Sales Representatives?

Sales tools

Sales is a process which is being followed for years now. But year on year, many revolutions have occurred in business which has eventually brought changes in the sales and sales tools. These revolutions have changed the way of selling any products, but the core of sales remains the same.

There are 3 factors that defines the success of any business namely,

  1. Product
  2. Sales Person
  3. Dealing Strategy

Why is salesperson included in these factors?

A salesperson is a person who understands the product and one who knows how to deal with the clients. It means salesperson stays in the middle of any sales process.

But, for years now, people have speculated about the death of sales, saying that the role can be replaced by techniques like digital marketing or the same procedure can be followed by CRM. However, good salespeople continue to provide their value to a company. Every single organization in the present world looks out for commercial salespeople who can build a customer base for them in this competitive market.

A good salesperson can bring values to a company which cannot be replaced by any marketing technique or any tool. They are basically experts in their field and they know how to stay in touch with their customer base. They naturally have skill sets that help them to build relationships with their customers which tools cannot establish. Tools can help you generate leads, but actual pick and drop of leads or say qualifying a lead as a prospect can only be done by these salespeople. They are passionate about the product they are selling and they are the best people to make the customer understand how the product can fulfill their requirements.

This quality to build emotional impact in the mind of the customers is still very important in the market which other marketing techniques or tools cannot create.

It is basically an emotional touch between the customer and the product that makes the sale.

“It is not that the marketing tactics and the tools are ineffective, but it is salespeople who know how to use them at the right time and at the right place.”