Bearbook CRM: Introducing Windows Application

windows application

Grab your seat as we announce our Windows Application for Bearbook CRM. We are pleased with your response for the iOS application. As the world is moving into the digital world, it is necessary for every one of us to get used to with its changes. Just like we had launched Bearbook CRM iOS application to serve Apple users, we are now ready to serve all windows users with our Windows application.

Why windows application?

As per recent analysis, there are more than 1 billion Windows PC users in world. Out of which, as per Microsoft, there are more than 400 million users of Windows 10. Count suggest, that there was a need for us also to get or application handy to these huge number of users served by Microsoft. That was one of the reasons behind bringing a Windows application.

Bearbook CRM will serve all the Windows users at any place and at any time. Application is now available on Windows Store. Just need to download it from the Microsoft store.

Time for you to start believing in us.